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Will you come to my house and groom?

No, i'm afraid we only offer grooming in our salon. We can offer to collect and drop your dog off with our pet taxi service if required.

Do you use crates?

No, we are a crate free salon, however if your dog is waiting to be groomed or collected, they will be put into our luxury inside kennels, designed especially for the comfort of dogs whist waiting in the grooming salon. 

My dog has a lot of matts, are you able to just brush them out?

This will be discussed upon assessment, it depends on the texture and severity of matts. If your dog is heavily matted or is matted in sensitive areas, or matted too close to the skin then we will not de-matt, as this causes pain and discomfort for any dog. However, we will discuss all your options upon assessment. 

Do matts ACTUALLY hurt dogs?

Yes! This is not just what we say to make our job easier, a dog with matts feels like someone twisting your ponytail over and over every time your dog moves, this obviously causes a lot of unnecessary pain and discomfort for dogs. 

Does my dog need anything before I bring it?

Your dog should be up to date with vaccinations, flea and worming treatments before bringing them to our grooming salon. If your dog is found to have fleas, you will be charged a price for a flea treatment, and this will also cover salon cleaning charges. 

My dog is in season, can i still bring her?

Please let us know if they are in season and what stage they'll likely be on appointment date. We can then check what we also have in that day and discuss your options and decide if we need to re-arrange. 

My dog doesn't let them brush me at home, what can i do?

Firstly, there are lots of dogs like this with there owners as they know if they play up, usually the owner gives in and they know this. Try taking it slow, and start the whole process from the beginning , praise them when they're behaving, have patience, don't push it too much with them, small quick sessions that end happily are all you need to begin with, and gradually increase. Or, if you wanted, book them in for a tidy up between visits with us so we can keep them tidy in between grooms. 

Can i leave my dog there for the day after their groom? 

Yes, we will happily look after your dog for the day, this includes, lots of walks, cuddles, feeding (If required) and their own space to relax for the day. There is a charge of £10 for day-care. 

How can i pay for your services?

We accept cash, card payments and bank transfers. We also can arrange a monthly direct debit to help spread the costs of your grooms. 

Do you let them out for toilet breaks?

Yes, all dogs will be let out for toilet breaks. 

Can i buy the products you use?

Yes, we will be stocking a full range of products and equipment that we use and can explain which products and equipment will help you maintain the groom at home.

My dog has sensitive skin/ or skin conditions what products do you use?

We have a large variety of products for sensitive skin and to suit dogs with skin conditions, all of which we can decide which to use upon assessment. 


PET TAXI SERVICE - Have your furry pooches collected and brought back to your door for their grooms!

Extra charge

Available in the following areas:

Outwell, Upwell, Three-holes, Emneth, Friday Bridge, Elm, Wisbech, Nordelph, Salters Lode, Downham Market, Stowbridge, Watlington and other local surrounding areas. Charge dependant on location.


We are based at Country Kennels Boarding Kennels in Outwell.


Mullicourt House, Mullicourt Road, Outwell, Wisbech Cambridgeshire PE14 8PX


Tel:  01945 772097 or 07920238510

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